Violent video game urges Christians to kill or convert all o
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Not all Christians support it, as the links so, but its still quite disturbing, being marked as a target…..

[quote:759aea88ce] Terror and confusion reign the world over. For those left behind the Apocalypse has just begun… Think this is the latest Hollywood movie? Think again. On Tuesday, November 28th, CrossWalk America in conjunction with the Christian Alliance for Progress (CAP) will hold a press conference to expose a video game that explicitly encourages "Left Behind Christian Converts" to convert or kill a host of people deemed unfit for the Kingdom of God.

In the video game Left Behind: Eternal Forces would be rapture survivors are issued high tech military weaponry and instructed to engage the infidel in New York City. The mission? Convert or kill anyone not adhering to a Fundamentalist view of Christianity. This could include Catholics, Jews, Gays, Muslims and anyone who advocates the separation of Church and State, whether they are Christian or non-Christian.[/quote:759aea88ce]


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This was actually posted about in May by Jim Keyes ... check it out HERE .



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