One Year Anniversary
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I hadn’t realized that this episode of Point of Inquiry was the one year anniversary for the show.

CONGRATULATIONS to DJ and Thomas for the best podcast out there! These guys do a really [i:a23f968be4]professional[/i:a23f968be4] job each week bringing great, incisive content to a broad worldwide audience.

Great job guys! Here’s to many, many more years.




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Love it and look forward to the next one every time.

I get a lot out of the various perspectives of the guests—they’ve helped me realize that there are a lot of different ways to be a skeptic, or atheist, or humanist.

Keep up the good work!

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I listened to this episode again, recently. Happy belated anniversary, CFI!  I would’ve thought this enterprise had been around much longer—I mean, these views are SO needed these days. Anyway, now I don’t feel so much like a bandwagoner.  :P


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Happy anniversary! I discovered the program in August, and, after listening to a few of the shows that sounded most interesting, started from the beginning, listening to all the programs in order. I like the way DJ interviews - he shows what it is to be a skeptic by being respectfully challenging of his guest’s views.

I was amused during the anniversary program when, after DJ referred to the “one-year anniversary”, Paul Kurtz mildly corrected him, calling it (correctly) the “first anniversary”.


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