Provacative Video ‘bout violence & religion
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[b:6ce3508209]Though I do not like the lumping of all of religion into this message (a bit too Sam Harris for me, and maybe this was inspired by him), I have to admit as a retort to American conservatives, neo-conservatives and the Religious Right, this is brilliant![/b:6ce3508209]

[b:6ce3508209]PS:  On a separate but related note.. What makes Sam Harris’ "End of Faith" book so disturbing (besides his call for torture) is not his simplistic and counterproductive attack on religion and religionists (the angry atheist, rather than the humanistic approach), but his Islamiphobia.. as I have said elsewhere.

I saw a 2 by 4 truck today where on its rear it read:

[size=18:6ce3508209][i:6ce3508209]Remember 9/11: It’s time to play Cowboys and Muslims![/i:6ce3508209][/size:6ce3508209]

One could not tell simply by looking if the owner of the truck got this sentiment from a Neo-con, a Christian fascist, or Islamiphobic atheist….[/b:6ce3508209]


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