On the GOP Convention Menu Last Night
Posted: 30 August 2012 02:11 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Crap served with a side of Rice.

The typical servings of crap were offered up by the speakers at the convention, but Condoleeza Rice was a, comparatively speaking, beacon of enlightenment. 

She was extraordinarily positive (as Republicans go) and actually spoke about and presented some cogent points on a few real issues (immigration, education, and trade).  If the Repubs had not been afraid of losing their extremist base, (and afraid of her association with the George W administration), she would have been the best VP Nominee that they could have selected.

However, I thought that, she, (as a former member of the crew that made so many massive screw ups in the Middle East during their tenure), was at the height of audacious ignorance when she scolded President Obama’s handling of the Lybia crisis.  She is very intelligent, for sure, but her chicken hawkish perspective is not wise nor admirable.


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