Episode 144 - An Unusual Look at the Ten Commandments
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A historical, moral, and critical examination of “God’s favorite to-do list.”

On July 9, 2008, the Center for Inquiry – Michigan at Grand Rapids presented a lecture by James Underdown, director of the Center for Inquiry – Los Angeles. Its title: “An Unusual Look at the Ten Commandments.”

The Ten Commandments have long been revered as a foundation for Western morality. But do they really apply to today’s diverse American society? Underdown asks this question and explores the history of the Decalogue itself, and also the recent history of its public display in the United States. He also probes the Commandments themselves, scoring them for relevance, then providing more sensible alternatives for contemporary society.

James Underdown is the director of the Center for Inquiry – Los Angeles and founder of the Independent Investigations Group. His writing has appeared in Free Inquiry and Skeptical Inquirer magazines, and he has appeared on a variety of national television programs advocating for skepticism, secularism, and reason.