First cause and God without religion
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Firstly I must say I found Mr Bugliosi condescending and smug. If he said, “I’m not that smart” one more time, obviously with the subtext “yes I am smart” I would have deleted the podcast! That aside, if God may be beyond time and space, as Bugliosi suggested, then why couldn’t the Universe? Yet Bugliosi seemed to find our Universe arising from The Big Bang difficult to accept whilst not finding an eternal God difficult to accept. To me that is an odd contradiction.

Mr Bugliosi also seemed to have no problem that the new religion for believers in God who have lost faith in organised religion is a belief in god but without that organised religion is an odd argument. God, without religion, is meaningless. God/Gods and religion have always been intertwined. Without an accompanying religion the belief in a God is pointless and meaningless because part of the belief in God is a need to pray to, speak with, appeal to, take guidance from that all powerful entity. This new idea of not believing in organised religion, but still believing in God is like a new age spiritualism where people who have lost faith in those institutions that have foisted religion upon our world still can’t manage to let go of the security blanket that their belief in God is. I find it difficult to understand how someone can believe in God but not religion. Surely they must still believe in some aspects of the religion that they grew up with but are now picking and choosing which parts to agree with or codes to live by. Yet those codes of conduct etc all came to the world only through religion. There is no independent line of communication from God to us other than church based religious texts.


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