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Non-affiliated, No religion, Atheist in Census, Surveys, etc
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Equal Opportunity Curmudgeon - 16 December 2012 09:27 PM

I would accurately be labeled a gnostic atheist, since I would assert I know god does not exist. However, that is entirely dependent upon the specific definition of god you bring up…

Well now, that’s one of the really big problems isn’t it? Ask anybody for a defintion, what you get is so vague as to be useless.

When somebody get’s specific, all the evidence can be shown to go against it.

Quite true. The general concept I apply my stance to is “creator being who made universe, answers prayers and does miracles”, that kind of concept. But then you get absurd and silly definitions like ‘god is love’ (a chemical reaction in the human brain?) or ‘god is energy’ (so it’s inside a lump of coal?), etc, etc.

I’ve routinely challenged theists to try and justify even a logical reason for invoking the existence of some god while throwing out the demand for evidence to make it easier for them. They still cannot make a valid argument.


“When your arguments are…ashes. Then you have my permission to cry.”

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