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G’Day All

I’ve been listening to the POI podcasts for a while now.  They keep me awake while I drive trucks all over this wide country.  If you hear adverts often enough to pique your interest you come to have a look.  So I have this day subscribed to Free Inquiry magazine and registered here.

A little background.
I have been an atheist all my life, having been lucky enough to have parents who allowed their children to make up their own minds.  I even have a sibling who has gone down the religion road so we have some lively discussions at times.
I also participate in a forum ( for motorcyclists) where others have started threads of an out and out religious nature and several of us constantly debate their stance.  Having found myself a little short of ╬ammunition╠ at times has led me to search out sites and organizations such as these.
Just finished reading The God Delusion - mostly an affirmation for me - but a lot of good ammo in there too.  I found it deliciously ironic that I received it as a Christmas present.

I probably won’t post too much here as I don’t in other like forums.  Simply agreeing gets a bit boring, but reat assured I will read all the posts I can and if I have any contribution that I think may help, I’ll step in.



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Thanks for stepping in, Clint. Post when you feel like it, I’m sure we’ll be happy to provide you with some good arguments when you need them.




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