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Since we are a new group in Miami, my suggestion is that we have as many large events directed to the public as possible.  At this moment, given resources and numbers, that may be three per year.  At the same time, we should continue with our group activities, targeting our own education, participation in public events, and enjoying each others company. 

Basically the question is a strategic one.  For this reason, we should address this issue at two levels. 

1) [b:8406d955ba]Inward[/b:8406d955ba]:  [b:8406d955ba][color=indigo:8406d955ba]How do we educate ourselves and keep people active and motivated? [/color:8406d955ba][/b:8406d955ba]

2) [b:8406d955ba]Outward[/b:8406d955ba]:  [color=indigo:8406d955ba][b:8406d955ba]What types of activities and/or topics will attract non-religious persons to join the CFI Miami Community? [/b:8406d955ba][/color:8406d955ba]

Miami-Dade County has a population of 2,316,708, of which 60.6 % are Latinos (Census Bureau, American Community Survey 2004).  We attracted over 100 persons with a very provocative anti-religious topic, The Immorality of Religious Ethics and an excellent speaker, Joseph Hoffmann.  This activity left us with a contact list of 40 persons, and new persons joining the core group.  For the future, my suggestions are:

[b:8406d955ba]Outward activities[/b:8406d955ba]:  Continue to target non-believers, and address the non-theistic humanist approach based on an understanding of developmental psychology, anthropology and neuroscience.  We have local resources for two speakers with a question and answer session, followed by another activity to discuss the main issues among ourselves.  We can ask Dr. Stewart Guthrie to be one of the speakers, and do some research for the second one. 

[b:8406d955ba]Inward activities[/b:8406d955ba]:  Development of internal committees; books and films discussions; fun activities; planning for participation in the November 2007 International Fair; planning and organization of next public event, among others.

[b:8406d955ba]What do you think?[/b:8406d955ba]  Share your enthusiasm, reservations, new ideas or reaction.  Your input is important to us.

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