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I noticed that sometimes each of us can get misinterpreted by position due to various ways we communicate. Even if a position may be understood by some person, a different person can easily read into the same thing in a completely different way because of differences of what we expect that how others express things should be similar to our own.

I propose that for major discussion subjects, like “gun control”, for instance, that we have sub-headings to it with a set of differentiated posts that:
  - have one that uniquely is used NOT to argue position, but just to state one’s preferential contemporary view (because sometimes we change and may update this). This would help each other to understand how the arguments in the discussion or debating posts of individuals be interpreted in that light. It can be voluntary to state one’s position there but would allow those who want to assure the clarity of their position in context to other posts.
  - the set of other posts within the argument’s category below the above “Position” statements. That is, the actual arguments.

Example: Politics and Social Issues
                    Gun Control Arguments
                        Member Contemporary Issue Positions for Argument Clarification (Voluntary)
                              [Particular Post Arguments]



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I agree there is always room for improvement.

Admittedly I’m new to Blog and forums, just never had the time.  But I got to say CFI has got its act together.  I enjoy the deep thought that members put into their posts. 

And it never hurt to do new methods on a time trial bases and view the results.