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Liberal and/or moderate believers
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I think a good old debate is what we need
Here is just the one I think we can all enjoy
Both debaters are top biblical scholars.



Say: He is God, the Unique.
God, the Self-Sufficient.
He does not give birth, nor was He born.
And there is none equal to Him.

Quran (112: 1-4)

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rodin46 - 30 January 2014 10:15 PM

All I can say is your imagination is pretty vivid.  God evolving?  Egypt was pantheistic.  That is proven by still standing antiquities and museum pieces. 

Are you telling me that you see no difference between the god of the OT and the god of the NT?

Egyptian religion has evolved just like all the rest of the religions. So what time period are you talking about?

For the most part Egypt had one god, Ra-Amem. Just like the Christian religion. Then Ra had family, just like most of the other religions including the Christian religion.

The Egyptian religion evolved and at earlier times had many gods. But the Egyptian religion is what, over 9,000 years old compared to the Christian religion that is what 1,700 years old?

rodin46 - 30 January 2014 10:15 PM

” And this “Egyptian paganism” as you call it is the base for the religion and customs in the bible that are still being use today. ”  Lol   That would make Christianity a mixture of pantheism and monotheism which is abjectly false and disproved by the Scriptures themselves.

Rodin46, “Egyptian paganism” is your term, read your postings, I’m easy, and I’ll try and work with your terms to make it simple. I got to say that I am a little shocked that you don’t know that the Christian religion uses the OT as a base. Are you aware that the OT is used by the Jewish religion? And the Jewish religion still has and uses a lot of the old Egyptian customs yet today. One for example is the redemption ceremony (Pidyon Haben) where the father buys his first born back from the Pharaoh.  Of course the Pharaoh is not around anymore so the father buys the son from the temple. But it was not that long ago that it was still the Pharaoh and some of the orthodox older Jews still consider the Pharaoh as the owner of the first born. Israel was even minting a special redemption coin to be used in the ceremony until it was changed from the Pharaoh to the temple.

In the NT for example, Jesus dying and being resurrected. Resurrection comes right out of the Egyptian guide book on religion 101.  Does the bible talk about the 50 gods that were born of virgin birth, had twelve disciples, died and was resurrected before Jesus? If not, then just how good of a history book on religion is the bible?

rodin46 - 30 January 2014 10:15 PM

You’re simply trying to fit your ideas, and I suspect they aren’t yours but some other person or groups ideas that you agree with, with the Bibles historical writings. 

Not my ideas, we have more information in the last fifty years that the scholars are researching. They are the ones with the ideas.

rodin46 - 30 January 2014 10:15 PM

Like this statement for example:  “The bible did not follow the Israel branch but instead evolved from the Judea branch of religion.”

Do you want to talk about it? We are talking in the timeline of Hosea when there were two countries, Israel and Judea. And the ancestors of the Jews lived in Judea and the Samaritans lived in Israel. Is that not correct? And there were what, thirteen religions that evolved from the Religion of Abraham that were called the Religion of the Children of Abraham. Is that not correct? And there are only three of the thirteen that have evolved and are around today. The Samaritans and the Jewish religions. I can’t remember the third of the top of my head, l would have to look it up.

rodin46 - 30 January 2014 10:15 PM

Like I said read the Exile and Restoration books. There is no evolution of ideas in the Bible at all.  They are a series of events that took place as a result of the disobedience of Hebrew people and the resulting punishment that always accompanies such human decisions with a just God being sovereign over His creation.

First of all, got a question for you. “disobedience of Hebrew people”. Check your timeline. Hebrew started in 1,000 BC. So who were the people in the bible before the Hebrew people?

Second, you are talking of god’s creation, in the Christian belief god created earth from nothing. But that is not found in Genesis or anywhere in the Hebrew Bible. So you need to clarify what you mean by creation.

rodin46 - 30 January 2014 10:15 PM

Hey as an aside,  Ever wonder or research why America has an obelisk as its national monument?  :)

Yea, I’ve read about obelisk on the dollar bill, I did not know we had an obelisk national monument.

Hey I got a question for you. Why won’t the Christians admit that the reason they say the word “Amen” at the end of praying comes from old Egyptian method of praying to the god “Amen”? Woops, never mind, I think I just answered it.

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