Randi discusses Sylvia Brown on Larry King
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This is certainly worth a few minutes of your time ...

Check out the clips HERE, particularly the piece with Rosemary Altea on January 26, 2007 ... (In three parts, but in total about 20-25 mins.)

Amazing to think that this sort of tomfoolery still goes on.




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El sueño de la razón produce monstruos

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The Anderson Cooper piece is interesting because it seems as though he is a doubter of Browne’s abilities, yet allows Browne’s representative about double the speaking time that Randi gets. Larry King is another issue entirely. King repeatedly gives psychics solo time and an entirely sympathetic forum, lobs them soft balls into their strike zones, and almost never challenges them. On the other hand, Randi has to debate yet another psychic rather than get a chance to explain his position with the accuracy it deserves. Both Cooper and King allow Randi’s opponents to mischaracterize his position, commit ad hominem and straw man fallacies, and state gross generalities about “gifts” and “abilities” as if they were facts. The implicit support that psychics receive in the media is at least one reason that they remain the successful charlatans they are.


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