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What was your first car and what was the best car you had?
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1959 Pontiac Bonneville, but it was 1971
and the thing burned nearly as much oil as gas.
Bought the paraffin based oil by the gallon jug.
And it felt like a freak’n ship to drive.

But, thems the cars kids could still work on, and sort of keep going.
Didn’t last that long.

My next one was another 59, but this time a Rambler Station Wagon with the push button gear shifting.
And this one ran well.
Looked like a joke, but the beauty was that front and back seats totally reclined - perfect for camping.

My first solo trip to Yosemite was in that vehicle… aah I had all sorts of dreams of where that gal and me would go.
But, before I knew it some drunk lost control of his vehicle and totaled my Rambler while it was parked outside a store I was in.
Big bummer. I really think we’d have seen some great road trips together.

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