Hey from Stellenbosch, South Africa
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Hey all,

I’m a happy, (reasonably) well-adjusted atheist studying at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. A recent article in our student newspaper about some students questioning the inclusion of evolutionary theory in the science syllabus illustrates how entrenched religious ideas are here. Not as many people as one would hope disagreed with the lunatic "teach the controversy" argument. It is terribly politically correct here, and people don’t want to come across as closed-minded.  :roll:

I would love to start a local freethinkers/atheist group, but have quite a hectic academic and work schedule - maybe I’ll have time next semester.

Meanwhile I’d like to clarify my thinking and make connections with members of the "reality-based community" around the world, but esp. in South Africa.

I’m very interested in the human cognitive and life sciences; also, in our response to the HIV pandemic, and how irrationality is affecting it.

Hope I’ll add value to the forum,


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Great to have you here, cottard. I am not aware of any CFI branches in South Africa, which is a shame—there are branches in various other African countries. (Senegal, Zambia, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria). One never knows what might happen in the future, but in the meanwhile I’m sure we can help with some moral support at least, on the forum.

Yes, the “teach the controversy” thing is lunatic, in that there isn’t any scientific controversy to teach. The only controversy is religious and political, and should be taught in a class on contemporary history, not biology.



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