Ha Ha Ha America
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I looked to see If I or someone else had posted this link but didn’t find it so here it is; It a link to a quite long video which laughs loudly at America as the Chinese economy and country goes roaring past. Its quite funny and quite right.

[size=18:e5ee53f0c8][color=darkred:e5ee53f0c8]HA HA HA America[/color:e5ee53f0c8][/size:e5ee53f0c8]

Find a place in your busy schedules for the time to watch and then your comment afterward are welcome. Barry this is something that should interest you.


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Its quite distasteful, racist, and full of rhetoric with the apparent purpose of fueling hatred and fear, and makes me wonder what strange morality caused the other thread I was recently posting on to be disappeared without explanation and this one is posted, by a moderator none the less.

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Ha Ha America

Barry this is something that should interest you.

Not quite.  While I admit it is clever, it is rude and boring.  But it is true, once US gets out of Iraq (which it will have to do one day), unless we get damn lucky, we will loose oil contracts in Iraq and China (w/Russia) will move right in.  America will then no longer be able to dominate the world.

It would be better, of course, if after 9/11, we worked to unite the world as everyone “was American” at that time.  We could have begun a new world order - one of cooperation… but Bush sqandered that and made the US the most feared and hated country in the world.  It’s only about time now… China will find a way to take advantage of this…. they will HAVE to - for the sake of the rest of the planet… But then, we will still have a mess.  China is not exactly about inclusive democracy ... even less so than America is :(


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