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My wife is pregnant and it’s the first time for both of us.  I’ve done a little bit of research so far, but haven’t found any real reason to avoid any particular vaccinations for the baby.  I’m keeping an open mind and want to do what’s best. 

Is all this anti-vaccination stuff just media and internet hype? :?:  I just started researching via Wikipedia, etc., but so far nothing convincing me one way or the other.  I know this forum is full of critical thinkers and would appreciate any insight.

On a side note… we don’t know the sex yet, but I recently looked into the whole circumcision thing… That’s something we will definitely will not do be doing.  After coming to that conclusion, I coincedentally found the thread here about it too.  My palms could’ve ended up much harrier had I been left uncut.  :P


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