How to handle big images from other Websites
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So you can bind a remote image into a posting:



You can make it smaller with width=“100px” (i.e. the width becomes 100 pixels):

forum_logo2.jpg width=100px

[img] width="100px" [/img] 

Or as percentage of the width of the browser window (so the bitmap resize when you change the size of your browser window. Try it out!) with width=“30%”:

forum_logo2.jpg width=30%

[img] width="30%" [/img] 

Add a border with style=“border:yellow inset 10px;”:

(Always everything on one line, no line feed or carriage return!)

forum_logo2.jpg style=border:yellow inset 10px;

style="border:yellow inset 10px;"[/img] 

Give the border a padding with style=“border:yellow inset 10px; background:lightblue; padding:5px;”:

forum_logo2.jpg style=border:yellow inset 10px; background:lightblue; padding:5px;

style="border:yellow inset 10px; background:lightblue; padding:5px;"[/img] 

Or give the picture margins with style=“margin: 1em 20em 0em 20em;”:
forum_logo2.jpg style=margin:1em 20em 1em 20em;

style="margin:1em 20em 1em 20em;"[/img] 

Or combine them all:

forum_logo2.jpg width=100px style=border:yellow inset 10px;background:lightblue; padding:5px;margin:1em 20em 1em 20em;

[img] width="100px"
style="border:yellow inset 10px;background:lightblue; padding:5px;margin:1em 20em 1em 20em;"[/img] 

Well, enough played around.

But for pictures that are too big so they blow up the page, it would be a good idea to set the width value.

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Very cool !


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