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Singularity:  Big bang <——————————>  Black hole.
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From all the evidence our UNIVERSE (our spacetime) began as a relatively small singularity, certainly not an infinitely large singularity.

Remember that in mathematical terms, a singularity is not a point. It is division by zero, undefined.

Yes, but is has many other definitions, depending on it’s uses. It seems to also have application as an abstract identification of a “singular (unique) condition”, which could have existed before the BB and the creation of THIS universe.

Note that I’m not saying specifically that the beginning singularity was infinite, but that we simply can’t define the initial condition of the universe yet. Hence, referring to the singularity at the ultimate beginning as a point (or any kind of size at all) isn’t a reflection of current physics knowledge. It’s a blind guess, putting something defined into the undefined.

I agree, but I hope we are able to speculate a “little” in this thread.

When we speak about an abstract “NOTHING”, we must realize that a timeless absence of everything does not forbid the potential for SOMETHING, NOW. A singularity that has broken the symmetry of nothingness. Symmetry breaking is a causal potential, IMO.

The very expression of “Zero State”, implies a balance of two opposing abstractions.
IMO, the assumption of a singularity with an instability seems reasonable to me.. In my musings, I visualize an abstract duality of stable positive and negative potentials, resulting in a zero state singularity. A fundamental Entanglement of the “false vacuum” (an apt phrase?).

This would not exclude the notion of a cold infinitely small BH, with infinite energetic potential (permittivity) for a mega quantum event that created this universe.

I read somewhere that at Planck level attractive forces switch into repulsive forces and if inflation is true, there has to have been something that unbalanced a stable singularity and started some kind of chain reaction. This might not initially require something BIG, it might easiliy start as an unbalanced potential. An instability in the dual singularity (mirror image of itself). No longer a zero state, starting a “causal” chain of positive and negative forces, electro-magnetism. Something simple like that.

This is why intuitively I see this event as a mega-quantum event, where one of the properties of the singular duality becomes unstable and some form of Implosion (compression) occurred before any subsequent violent explosion of physically causal energy, instantly inflating in a quantum chain reaction which is no longer compressed in a small singularity but now is able to expand, apparently in a wavelike manner.

Occasionally we see glimpses of the beginning (physical expressions) in Super Novae, a collapsed singularity which switched states and created an outward explosion. But none of that nova is lost, it’s all still here in our universe which is slowly coming to rest in the permittivity of Nothingness. But the star itself may perhaps live on as a Quasar or something, until it reaches stasis.

Theism uses the phrase “I am the Alpha and the Omega”. As an atheist, IMO, it is still valid as an equation; “from Nothingness we came and to Nothingness we will return”.

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