Hello everyone
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Greetings people. Im 25 and confused. Im an atheist and 50kb is not enough for a profile picture. I hope to learn a lot from you, see you in the forum.
P.S.: I was going to attach a picture of myself but even the 75KB limit is not enough.

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I also have a lot of confusion.

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Confusion is a type of learning.
Absorbing new information initially “fuses it with” existing info. Confuse means to fuse with.

god is simply a mythological substitute for the human property or ability learn, grow, and create.
There are reasons of control that those who wish to exercise control make up gods. One is to unite groups against common enemies of other groups through odd commandments. Another closely related reason is that gods allow these leaders, elders, preachers, priests, and pope to subvert the best change and creativity in people through god’s rules in a way that keeps these pious pretenders in power and in luxury, leadership and money. Everything else flows from this…including abject ignorance. Science is the only true answer and source of human growth, learning and creation.

All science and skepticism asks is you remove the old pillar of god and when you do…you’ll discover not only did god not exist but that this non existent god took up half your mental space. I guess if god can take up that much space without even existing, then miracles really do exists in some perverted way.


By expanding knowledge of the real, reduce the environmental footprint of of ignorance…in any and every way you most desire.

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Clarity comes when you realize that everything is natural.  There is but one natural life and only one world in which is will be lived (barring space travel).  There is not a supernatural “afterlife” nor a supernatural after-world.  Those who believe that there are two lives and two worlds are delusional and have been hooked on the belief that they are special.