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cascading consequences in the puppy world.
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That looks a lot better than the gray duct tape on our couch.

When I lived in Texas one of my coworkers and her husband bought a lab puppy from some guy selling them out of the back of his pickup truck at a gas station. They got lucky, as she turned into a great dog. But being a lab at home alone all day she got bored and chewed up all the carpet in the living room. As true dog lovers they kept the dog and replaced the carpet with tile.

My wife and I are glad we have two puppies to keep each other entertained. It also helps that my wife works from home most of the time as I’m out of town a lot.


You cannot have a rational discussion with someone who holds irrational beliefs.

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Citizenschallenge-v.3 - 28 March 2017 07:31 PM

...I’m using butter, not without flashbacks to my youthful innocent viewing of the Last Tango in Paris, oh what innocents we all start out as, but back to my dog. 
I was feeling less and less comfortable with shoving those things down her throat, but it has to be done.  Fortunately we were done, big relief.

Well dang, despite diet, she’s with another bladder stone.  How it can happen in a matter of months is beyond me, but so it is.  Point being back to shoving meds down her throat.  Fortunately, she’s 40 ish not 200 ish which helps.  Still, I kept trying to be less invasive.  By and by its evolved. 

Now still with the butter, no more hiding, I tell her, okay sorry girlie I know it sucks, lets get it over with.  I noticed I didn’t need to pry both jaws apart.  Well maybe pry to open a little but then all I need is grab the top jaw/snout and gently pull back, her bottom jaw can only raise so much and her mouth opens wide.

Lo and behold, I get a gravity shot straight to the base of her tongue.  I barely put my hand in her mouth any more.  Aim well, let go, the greased up pill hits the base of her tongue with a little momentum, then I bring up her bottom jaw to close her mouth and stroke bottom of jaw and throat tenderly.  :) 

I mean it is so cool, lickety-split, down it goes.  Rather than shoving my hand down her throat I hold her head up.  It’s truly been one of those little triumphs in life.

This has been in need of updating since a day or two after writing it. 

About the slack bottom jaw, that was just beginner’s luck and Maddy being surprised at what was going on. 
She can look straight up and close her jaw plenty well enough :red: , but it is way easier to open, and it just takes a moment and down the pill drops. 
The rare times I miss and she has a chance to spit it out, I catch it, back it goes aimed with more care,
then keep her head pointing up for a couple beats while gently stroking her neck.  Nothing harsh or forced about.
(I just remembered our childhood doctor, he could give us shots before we even noticed, through artful distraction and speed.)
Well I got no artful distraction, but it is over with fast.

She’s even seeming to be getting resigned to it when she sees it coming, she back off to her corner but when I actually arrive, she’s cool ...
it is over way faster, sometimes she almost seems surprised, with a look: that it?
It’s way less disruptive than going at it from the side of the mouth.
It doesn’t even bother me doing it anymore,
although why they are ‘tablet’ shaped rather than ‘capsule’ (think submarine ;-) I’ll never figure out.

I’ve also totally dissociate it from meals and treats, though I do give her a little something a few minutes later, or a meal. 
Yeah, try as we might meals are only sort of by the clock. For the pill I have an hour window I try to stick to. 

Although now she’s on a diet from hell - U.C. s/d.  original flavor  %-P
Supposedly going to dissolve the bladder stone, at least it smells better than Drano.
Looks like Cheap Cream of Mushroom without the mushrooms and slightly plasticized, fortunately the aroma [I]Ain’t bad t’all.
She’s allowed no snacks, good thing I never managed to get slavish about having them with me on her walks.

Walks and her minding are going quite well - been an interesting process for sure.
Something almost human about her need for exploration, testing of boundaries, rebellions, dealing with consequences, figuring out priorities,
even a bit of apology, and new understandings forged, or something like that.  Both of us have been learning plenty.


Been thinking about Maddy’s early days of unbridled freedom, now we’ve been through two years and the cascading events within those years
have been fascinating and informative, well for me.

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