How to raise a good fundamentalist or Catholic
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I’ve seen first hand behind the scenes this scenario played out by a committed mainstream Catholic grandparent who had a son and his daughter become dependent upon him and stay with him from age 6 months to present. The spirit of his words are the same, but the words here are accentuated to bring out the psychological intensity. This is happening to millions of catholic, protestant and other children around the world. Dr. Dobbins and the Family Life network fully endorse this type of psychological spiritual double binding whammy:

Parents to the child:
My dear, you disobey mommy and daddy because it is your nature to disobey. I may have to punish you, put you in the corner, time outs, and if necessary, as much as I hate it…spank you. It is your spiritual nature dear, not to share, to sneak candy when you are not supposed to and to demand what you want. It is an evil nature we all have. You will see my love.

You are born that way. Now come into my arms. Over here, now, do you hear mommy? Daddy will return soon, very soon and when he does…you will get it bad, unless you come to mommy and do as I say. Hey, let’s eat something special and I’ll even let you tear open this envelop and use the scissors. Isn’t this fun?

Today we go to the church and hear all our friends sing and pray. It is such fun dear and you must hear me tell everyone how cute you are as you pray and sing and even say things at such odd times. It is our special time for God. We celebrate forgiveness of our evil nature. It is so easy to understand. We are each born evil, totally selfish and depraved to the core of our souls, even though you are so beautiful to me little one, inside you are dirty. You will see. The only way for you to ever be forgiven is here, in the church.

Today, you will be bathed in water precious. This water will be a clean part in you and bring you life and a newness to the one, God, who really knows your depravity but loves you anyway. After you are baptized based on your belief in the only truly good person who ever lived, Jesus, god will only see the water of pureness when he sees you and of course my precious love…god always sees you. Isn’t this wonderful?

Now, every time you do something depraved, sinful, sick, evil, even by accident because there are not accidents, you will be pure as clean water. There is no choice. Look at all your friends here in church who believe this.  Just like god killed all the people on Earth with water he saved that little righteous beautiful part, the family of Noah. So, you are clean in gods eyes and his eyes are always on you love. You are no better than anyone else, all are evil and depraved, disgusting to god but he loves you anyway and always. You will experience the answer to all this in Jesus. Noah was just god getting us ready for the real thing…Jesus.

Our minds are so corrupt because of this nature of evil only the Christians can understand once they believe. You must believe without fully understanding, Commit yourself to the truth love, let it come naturally through the darkness of your evil and it will save the world. It is your hope in darkness. You will be a little light of love to all your friends and, Oh precious, you are god’s gift to our family. We love you. You are like us. Stay away from bad ideas of those who are not like us. They are totally corrupt and evil and sly like snakes. They could come along. Don’t give up on them but just remember how bad you were and now, how much light is in you from belonging to the family.

You must remember that you are depraved because you do the things god says not to do. Sex when told not to outside of marriage. Sin. Swearing. Sin. Not always always praying. Sin. Disobeying authority. Sin. Stealing or sneaking anything. Sin. Swearing bad word and not paying tithes and offerings…Sin. Bad thoughts about doing these. Sin. Lying about it. Sin. Oh you sinful sick little girl. Aren’t you glad for Jesus…Hurry now, daddy is coming soon, very soon you will see him. He wants you to believe and be saved with us instead of burned like you really know you deserve.

All my love. Thank you for coming into our lives and serving god with us.

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