God has ruined the value of philosophy with weird words, illogical ramblings, hate instead of love, and the unknown rather that known
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Haribol (below) is a case in point with his story of life after life.
This claim is put under philosophy with a zillion other gods and lives and wild guesses using semantic slight of hand. Words have no meaning in the “god is here world”. This god is here world ruins critical thinking, philosophy, and much of humanity’s potential and physical life with gibberish of Ken Ham types.

Haribol and others like him claim life after life exists.

How do they know? Somebody told them. This teller seemed like he might possibly maybe kinda somehow know. He looked right. Who told her? Who knows? Who cares as long as one believes…the pulses of air called words beating on eardrums, it must be true. Words for Haribol seem to the source of all knowledge of the unknown as long as they come from the “right” person or book. Though Thomas Aquinas was better at logic, he also had no basis for god in reality and corrupted philosophy and humanity remained…ignorant.

Other philosophers fought back with reality-based knowledge. Science won hands down but these old shadows of ignorance and religion hang on without merit.

What is the effect of all this distortion of reality? Authoritarian ignorance ruling the world in far too many places, poverty, and outright stupidity of intellect.


By expanding knowledge of the real, reduce the environmental footprint of of ignorance…in any and every way you most desire.

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It wasn’t god, but humans claiming god exists.


[color=red“Nothing is so good as it seems beforehand.”
― George Eliot, Silas Marner[/color]

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LoisL - 30 March 2017 09:32 PM

It wasn’t god, but humans claiming god exists.

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