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How was protein synthesized from amino acids in the prebiotic world?
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question - 27 March 2017 05:27 AM

Thank you for taking the time to give me a serious answer. But please take a look at the questions I am asking. I am not asking about what we some people think that might have happened. I am asking about current observations on Earth.

Where on Earth can we observe the things I ask regarding protein in my first post?

You cannot.

the environment has changed.

The current terrestrial environment(s) are not compatible with the processes that took place billions of years ago

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I agree with Jdrnd.  Living things have had over a billion years to colonize the entire Earth.  I don’t think there is anyplace where you can still observe “non-living nature”.  If by some chance, proteins began to be synthesized now from amino acids, something would gobble them up immediately!  You’d have to go to some other planet… which is one reason why NASA is so keen on sending all those space probes to Jupiter and Saturn.

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