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Artificial Intelligence - evolution without us.  Jay Tuck
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Tanny - 03 July 2017 04:13 PM

Atheists believe that human is qualified to analyze god claims as a matter of faith,

Ahh, I’m pretty sure that’s a gross misrepresentation.
I don’t know of any rationalist or humanist trying to analyze god’s claim.
It’s all about analyzing the physical world in order to better understand (okay, and to manipulate) it.

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Let’s have the “atheism is faith” conversation sometime, but it seems we should stop having it in this thread.  Sorry bout that, my bad. 

If anyone wants to start a thread on the “atheism is faith” subject please do, and let me know if I don’t see it myself.

We return now to the subject of AI.


Countdown To Zero - Nuclear Weapons Documentary

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