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New Insights into Hallucinations, PSI and ASC (merged)
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wengehuang said,
To support this hypothesis, we develop an original model of hallucinations:
When internal false stimulations and external objective stimulations affect perception together, the changes in the relation of their strength will result in the consistence, breakdown and re-consistence of the five senses, leading to three states of hallucinations (one can distinguish reality from fantasy, one cannot distinguish reality from fantasy, and reality and fantasy are totally reversed).

I would suggest a fourth mode of hallucination or “best guess” which the mind is capable of:
The “controlled hallucination”, where objective external stimulation produces an objective internal “best guess” stimulation, when prior knowledge and experience are able to mentally confirm the existence of the objective external stimulation.

Obviously you are seriously engaged in this type of research and may have heard the name Anil Seth, in relation to the subject.

According to Anil Seth, we hallucinate all the time, but when we experience the exact same hallucination, we call it reality. The following presentation may be of interest to your research;



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