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Corker Told the Truth About Trump. Now He Should Act on It.
Michelle Goldberg, OCT. 10, 2017

Over the past few months, the country has been in a foul sort of trance.

Among people who work in politics, Republicans as well as Democrats, it is conventional wisdom that President Trump
is staggeringly ill-informed, erratic, reckless and dishonest. (He also might be compromised by a hostile foreign power.)

But it’s also conventional wisdom that with few exceptions, Republicans in Congress are not going to stand up to him.
America’s nuclear arsenal is in the hands of a senescent Twitter troll,
but those with political power have refused to treat this fact as a national emergency.

Thus, even though a majority of Americans consider the president unfit for office, a fatalistic sense of stasis has set in.

Of course, “should” is the key word here.

There are plenty of things that Republicans should do about Trump,
including impeaching him for violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

We’ve grown so inured to Republican politicians’ persistent refusal to put the welfare of the country
above their re-election prospects and lust for tax cuts that complaining about it feels banal and naïve.

But Corker’s expression of alarm is a reminder that we are teetering on the cusp of horror. ...