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Something i am wondering
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Is self-hypnosis a good form of alternative medicine?Or is it all the placebo effect?

The two are not mutually exclusive.  The placebo effect is actually a real thing.  Feeling as if something is doing you some good is part of the treatment.  Didn’t you see “Adam Ruins Everything” last week?  :)

Seriously the only time self-treatment would be a bad idea is when you do that instead of seeing a real doctor.  Don’t mess around with your health.

The problem is most people who try to treat the problem are doing it for the express purpose of avoiding a legitimate doctor. That’s where the danger lies in self-medication and pseudoscience. By the time they get real medical intervention it’s often too late.



[color=red“Nothing is so good as it seems beforehand.”
― George Eliot, Silas Marner[/color]

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Meditation, if considered a form of “self-hypnosis” in this regard, has a number of studies supporting its positive effects

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