NPR shows: Norm Allen
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I heard Norm Allen on News and Notes NPR 1:43pm 2007/03/13.
He did well, you might want to hear it for yourselves.

And on a bit of a tangent, there were a couple of other good
episodes that you may like…

On the evolution view-point of disease: 11:00 Sharon
Moalem: "Survival of the Sickest" (William Morrow)

On USA South and Mid-West treatment of the Blacks after
they were freed, and the effects today: 11:00 Elliot
Jaspin: "Buried in the Bitter Waters" (Basic Books)

- steve s.


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I’m trying to find that NPR show in .mp3 format. So far, nothing. Anyway, I recently listened to Norm Allen on the Infidel Guy Show . (It was original recorded in 2005.) I enjoyed it.


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