Susan Haack - Defending Science, Within Reason
Posted: 25 March 2007 08:08 PM   [ Ignore ]
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A likable perspective, with a touch of diplomacy: I think it’s good procedure not to "harp" about science too much but to simply look of the quality of an argument, the evidence brought to bear and such.
At the beginning of the interview Haack talked about how she initially thought she had to defend science against the post-modernist left and then realized she had to shift her focus. I think what could have been said there is that the left "threat" was rather minimal. Postmodernism appeared to me to be a highly academic Ivory tower position with little impact beyond humanity departments. (And where is it now? Poof!)
Now, contrast that with the vast propaganda machine built by the right starting during WW II (when industry and leaders feared that after the war economy the working men and particularily women would organize for greater autonomy).
On the right we now have ruthless ideologues who are clearly atheist in their philosophy and yet exploit the delusional religious feelings of their constituency, playing them like a card.