Let Nader Debate!
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I wanted to let you know about a campaign that I have helped launch to open up the Presidential Debates to independent candidate Ralph Nader. (See: [b:f9d9ddefc3]http://www.LetNaderDebate.org[/b:f9d9ddefc3])

I would like to ask you to help!
  - Help us call on President Bush to hold a fair and open debate

  -[b:f9d9ddefc3] Sign the open letter to President Bush at http://www.LetNaderDebate.org[/b:f9d9ddefc3]  - Consider giving a gift to this effort at our website it is a 527 fund, not a campaign fund)

  - And, email your friends and contacts

Why am I asking?

The most important reasons:
- it’s important for the health of our democracy
- and, specifically, for serious dialgoue about key issues like the War
in Iraq

Join me!


Gwen Mandell
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P.S. Please read more about why I’m supporting this important cause and
why you should too.

[b:f9d9ddefc3]Why I’m supporting this important cause[/b:f9d9ddefc3]

[b:f9d9ddefc3]The presidential debates are important[/b:f9d9ddefc3]
From Lincoln-Douglas to Kennedy-Nixon to Clinton-Bush-Perot, the
presidential debates have been an important forum for a national dialogue
on the critical issues of our day.  I would love to hear serious, perhaps
sometimes contentious rather than scripted debate about our national
priorities.  Nader’s inclusion would help to ensure that we have that
kind of debate in 2004. 

[b:f9d9ddefc3]The War In Iraq[/b:f9d9ddefc3]
Personally, I am motivated by the issue of the War in Iraq. Polls show
that the majority of Americans are critical of the conduct of the war,
yet there is virtually no difference in the positions of President Bush
and Senator Kerry a point that has been made by many commentators at this
Everyone - Democrats, Republicans, Independents[/b:f9d9ddefc3]
I am writing to everyone—Democrats, Republicans and
Independents to help.  This is not an appeal for your vote for Ralph
Nader… this is an appeal for an open and diverse debate that reflects
all of the disparate views of Americans. Help us call on President Bush
to hold a fair and open debate by including a nationally-known and
respected independent candidate whose views are very different than those of either Bush or Kerry.

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Man! Why didn’t I think of this?


Help me win debates at this site.