CFI West - $50,000 Paranormal Challenge
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CFI-West’s FEED YOUR BRAIN Lecture Series

The Independent Investigations Group
[size=24:b4ff257d0a][color=red:b4ff257d0a]$50,000 Paranormal Challenge
Sunday, May 6, 2007
11 a.m
$6, or free for Friends of the Center.

A demonstration of so-called paranormal ability scientifically tested onstage before your skeptical eyes, plus a chance for audience members to win $100!  :shock:
CFI’s own Independent Investigations Group recently announced it has increased its Paranormal Challenge reward to $50,000. Anyone who can demonstrate paranormal ability in a scientifically designed test is eligible to win the reward. Several have attempted to take our money and failed. Worldwide, paranormal claimants have never passed a well-designed test of their abilities. While parlor tricks and cold reading techniques have served to foster the general public’s belief in psychic (and other) abilities, they have thus far been insufficient to fool legitimate investigators.

On Sunday, May 6, the IIG will conduct two tests of paranormal ability. In the first, a man will attempt to win $50,000 in a closely watched examination. In the second, audience members will have the opportunity to win a $100 cash prize if they pass a simple psychic exercise. Winners will be paid on the spot.  :roll:

Any and all are invited to attempt to win the $100 cash. Skeptical visitors may be more interested in catching a cheater in the first test.
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