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I have recently been listening to some fascinating podcasts that have been produced by religious zealots. One of them, “Miracles of Knowledge in the Nobel Qur’an,” is particularly interesting in light of the most recent “Point of Inquiry” podcast about Science and Religious in Islam.

The author of these podcasts, Zaid Ghazzawi, claims to have a “Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from The University of Surrey - Britain (2003)”, but in spite of that, he seems to lack a basic understanding of the theory of evolution (check out his podcast of 1/21/2007 - “Proving Creation and Disproving Evolution” - for a bit of hilarity).

When I first started listening to his podcasts, I sent him an e-mail in which I questioned his reasoning, backing up my arguments with some facts. (He was arguing that women should wear the Hijab because exposing their flesh was sinful, and Allah’s punishment was skin cancer. I found statistics that men got skin cancer more than women, and suggested that men should be the ones wearing the Hijab.) He was kind enough to reply to my first e-mail, but hasn’t written to me since.

I cannot help but feel sorry, not for Dr. Ghazzawi, as I am certain that he is happy doing what he is doing, but for anyone who listens to him and takes him seriously, and for all Muslims in general who have to count this person as one of their own.

This podcast clearly supports the views expressed by Taner Edis in the interview about Science and Religious in Islam. It’s also fun to listen to (if you like to watch the clowns at a circus).

Thank you CFI for the excellent podcasts.

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