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With the present situation of religious hatred literally exploding across the world, and religious terror organizations emerging on every continent, perhaps now the time has finally arrived for us to examine, expose and eliminate the many false beliefs and erroneous traditions which have accumulated in all the world’s religions. Various elements of ‘Truth’ can still be found amongst the teachings and beliefs of most religions, but sadly, no religion represents or reveals the whole Truth. The ‘ultimate’ (Spiritual) Truth, by definition, is singular. The fact that there are so many religions, each split into numerous ‘sects’, ‘creeds’ and ‘parties’, indicates that very many (all?) sincere and dedicated ‘believers’ must therefore be somewhat misguided!

In order to discover the truth of any matter one must observe all the available evidence in an unbiased way. However, every human being is indoctrinated and prejudiced since early childhood by various ethnic ideologies and customs, which include various forms and degrees of religious, political and social traditions and dogmas. For instance, those who are raised in a Muslim environment are just as likely to believe in the uniquely perfect truth of Islam, as are those brought up under Christian influences likely to claim for Christianity.[1] It should therefore be clear that no fervent member of any religious group is in a position to make a realistic and unbiased observation of the facts. Only genuine, sincere and open-minded seekers will have any chance of discovering the whole Truth.

One example of the dogmatic errors and plain ignorance displayed by so-called orthodox religions is the case of Galileo, who was threatened with torture and excommunication by the supposed Christian Inquisition unless he “repented” of his “errors and heresies,” namely his theory that the Earth was not at the centre of the universe. This was not even a theological issue! Today this story seems almost unbelievable – practically prehistoric – but it happened only a few short centuries ago. This is by no means an isolated case; countless thousands have been murdered throughout history at the bloody hands of various self-righteous orthodoxies for similar ‘heretical’ crimes.

Once again, it must be emphasized that it is absolutely essential to have an open mind if one genuinely desires to know the Truth. To stubbornly cling to traditional ‘beliefs’ and arrogantly ignore all further facts and revelations is exactly what many Jews did at the time of Jesus (e.g. the scribes (= religious scholars); the Sadducees (= aristocratic, authoritarian, materialistic, priestly, literalists); and the Pharisees (= popular, self-righteous, conservative theologians / philosophers) – who are all so much criticized in the pages of the New Testament. The problem with all these types – then, as today – is their stubborn arrogance and pride. It is reported that Jesus said, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” (MATT.18:3). In other words, anyone wishing to understand the Truth must first cleanse their mind of all indoctrinated religious beliefs, pride, and prejudice, and be completely open and ready to listen and learn afresh, like little children.

[1] This religious phenomenon of dogmatically claiming unique superiority (e.g. the ‘chosen’ status) is similar to that immature tendency of children who claim that their own father / mother / family is superior to others; or the adult susceptibility to nationalistic pride (i.e. patriotism) and racial prejudice.


Quoted from: Church of God? or the Temples of Satan.”


“Ignorance is the mother of all evil.” (Gospel of Philip ~ NHL)

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OK, you know, you may have more fun talking to Abraxas about this subject:  http://www.thegodabovegod.com/  He has a great Sunday evening program and he’s very rational as well as funny.  Personally, I like the guy and believe it or not, he does have some Humanist and alike listening to his program, but then again, he follows Bob Price too.  Bob may help to bring in his audience.  :lol:  Thank goodness for Bob.  Gotta love that man.  :D


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But how many theist are there that have an open mind? Obviously a few because some theist do become atheist as I was once an ordained pentecostal minister who become an atheist and I had an open mind. But since the fundies seem to be in the majority most of them are very close minded or narrow minded and when ever you try to talk in logical terms they suddenly either have something else to do, some place to go or some one is at the door and they have to go. And if you ask them a point blank question on any subject from the bible they will either completely skirt the issue or pretend they never heard you at all and change the subject if they have no answer to give you. Now I understand a great deal of theist that happen to be Christian never really study or understand the bible and take it literally instead of symbolically as it was written or to understand that back in those times the so-called-inspired-men-of-God who were the authors of the books of the bible had their own “demons” and would add a sentence or two of their own to get their own way and say “God told them so and so” and were never questioned by anyone and so through the centuries got away with it. But Jesus spoke in parables as did God the Father, but fundies are too hard headed to accept this notion because they take everything in the bible literally which makes the bible a laughing stock and turns people away from it as a foolish book written by fools. In fact it was the fundies that got me to rethinking my religious beliefs and set me on a course of research to find out rather or not the bible was just another book of fiction made to be believed as a work of non-fiction. And I was successful enough to find it indeed was and to further prove that anyone could write their own “holy book” and start a religion I wrote the 1065 page Q’R'Beth and started the Hitteon Faith as an experiment. I made it a secret religion with secret teachings and we had our own priesthood. It was a success. So then I was sure that all religions were thus phony and started out the same way.

Not that religion can’t be good or make a better person out of you if you believe in it, but when any religion attacks others or takes over a government and forces those religious beliefs on others, then that is truly wrong and it is those sort of religions that an atheist will go up against. The Christian fundies and the Muslims are the two worst offenders. But there are some Christian sects that attack no one and believe in the separation of church and state and these are the ones with more open minds.


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