CFI Indiana - The Bible
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I am not sure that the Bible is our enemy.  The Bible is not a singular thing.  It is a collection of documents (which documents all depends) each with its own composition history and individual characteristics.

The enemy is not “the” Bible; it is the claims that have been made on “its” behalf.

Parts of the Bible are interesting to read, no more problematic that any ancient text.

Who among us worries too much about Zeus or Marduk.  Yahweh is only problematic because claims are made for him currently, and some of the claims seem to contrast with his portrayal in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible.  And some of the claims seem to contrast with other things we believe about humanity and the universe.  Who cares about the relationship between science and the Iliad?

I think we need to distinguish between our quarrel with the claims and our attitude towards the “book” and the god.