Michael Savage & Calos Mencia abuse the mentally challenged
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Michael Savage and Carlos Mencia—two successful celebrities—have been bashing and psychologically abusing the mentally challenged. Verbal abuse of the mentally challenged and learning disabled is a new cause: we should focus our efforts. The point of inquiry has also made statements degrading this group; which is not equipped to defend themselves. I watch Spanish television and observe many similar degrading jokes there also.

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I agree that it is horrible to bash and psychologically abuse the mentally challenged.  I often get upset when I see celebrities do this.  Did you say that Point of Inquiry did this?  Are you referring to the podcast?  I am skeptical and would like to know which podcast?

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When one hears a discriminatory joke one should immediately point out to the teller that the joke is vicious and stupid.  When one sees the same on TV or radio, one should drop notes to a) the sponsor, b) the network, c) the person, telling them you were offended and will respond by not buying their product and not watching their network. 

It is useless to sit there and be annoyed without doing something about it.

I don’t know who Morgan is and I decided after about fifteen seconds that Mencia was a jerk so I never watch him.


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I really don’t recall PoI doing this.  I really can’t see DJ doing this.


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