Aaron Russo documentary (Split)
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I changed by mind. Watch the movie, “America: Freedom to Fascism”, a documentary by Aaron Russo. If it doesn’t raise serious questions in your mind, I doubt anything else will. This movie can be viewed for free at this website. http://www.roytaylorministries.com/am01292.htm

If you don’t believe in religion or God, that’s fine, just ignore everything else on the page - but watch
the whole movie.

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This film?



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El sueño de la razón produce monstruos

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The federal reserve a private bank? the central bank policy a comunist idea? It is hard to start to debunk that crap, because it is hard to decide where to start.

To say just a thing, the threasure pays loans to the FED because the threasure is spending more than it get from taxes, so it needs these loans. The only way to avoid this loans is to cut the government expenditures. I guess the conservative would think this is a good thing, but do they know who and when (and why) broke the convertibility of the dollar against the gold because the FED was issuing so many dollars to cover the high expenditures the Vietnam war was producing?. The only way to return to the golden standard (I could agree it would be a good thing) is to cut money emission, what would cut the american spendings and it would ultimately hurt the world economy.

SO, it is no hard to understand the basic rules of the money market, the role of the central bank and the relationship between monetary and fiscal policies (and this is not a comunist idea… except somebody could proof that David Ricardo was a comunist)