So I finally got around to reading The Meme Machine…
Posted: 24 October 2007 05:09 AM   [ Ignore ]
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...and I had some questions.

1.)  Dawkins praises Blackmore for putting memetics out on the table as a scientific theory.  How are we going to test memetics scientifically?

2.)  Blackmore says that in order for memetics to become the dominant theory it has to offer a simpler explanation than its competitors.  While Blackmore’s meme theories are, truly, simple, I guess I am wondering what other theories she was referring to?  Memetics seems to be just one aspect of our mental constructs.  Just because we know about memes doesn’t necessarily make us better off.  It seems like we need theories to address all kinds of aspects of consciousness.

3.)  If memetics is the next step in the tradition of the Copernican revolution, what does that imply for us?  The groups of people it threatens, religious groups and the like, aren’t likely to look at what they’re doing as spreading a meme.  But, for more open-minded people, what might this imply for us?  I’m just wondering if it’s made anyone wonder anything besides, “Oh, is that what’s going on up there?” (up there being in your head)  Kind of relates to what I was asking in 2…

It was a good book, especially after reading Born to Buy.  Just like Freud’s theories, memetics gives marketing gurus plenty of ammo, I am sure!  Now I am going to read Umberto Eco’s Travels in Hyperreality.  When you consider the foundations of memetics the mimicing instinct we all have, makes things like hyperreal existence a little more frightening.  What is our children learning in this media culture? (yes, that was a deliberate grammatical error)

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