Hello from Vancouver, Canada
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Hi everyone,

I’ve been an atheist my whole life, grew up in a non-religious family. I was a “tourist” at a Christian fundementalist group for a while in university, as both a cathartic and social outlet (think Edward Norton in “Fight Club” going to the recovery meetings).

I recently read Richard Dawkins’ “God Delusion” and it’s really motivated me to be more expressive in public about my beliefs. Like many people I’ve become increasingly angry at the spread of anti-intellectual pro-religious influence on governments around the world.

So if anyone in Vancouver knows of any secularism and/or CFI-related meet ups or volunteer opportunities please let me know!

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Welcome traveller.  Jump in and join the conversations.  :)


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Cheers and welcome, traveller888! I know there is a CFI center in Toronto, you might want to try contacting Justin Trottier there and see what he says. At any rate please feel free two add your thoughts here on the forum. Glad to have you.



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hello and welcome.

good to hear that you want to become more vocal in your non-belief.  I think it is one of the fundamental difficulties we (atheists) have is that these things are simply not something we think about on a personal level. It is only when religious idiots try and force their views on us that we react. more voices will let people know we exists and are (generally) decent people!

as an aside, Vancouver is a very nice city, one of few that I actually like being in! If you had an automotive industry, I’d be over there now!  The only bad thing I can think of regarding Vancouver, is that it is on the other side of the planet from me, most inconsiderate!



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