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An iTunes podcast Dogma Free America (or go to  has just finished its 50th episode, and the guys doing the podcast have gone back to their daily lives.

I recommend the podcast which had a fun mix of humor and relentless news of contemporary evils done in the name of religion. The hosts’ would often read a story in the accent of the home country or otherwise add a little late adolscent-college humor to what were often very sad stories.

They also did a number of interviews over the year and folks from this forum might like downloading some of the *.mp3’s.

Their podcast raised my awareness of the crazy stuff which goes on.

Tuesday’s New York Times has an article about a teacher arrested for letting the children in her classroom name a teddy bear Muhammed: [NY Times article]

Or see the [CFI thread devoted to this one topic]

Or this story in the Washington Post, about a Saudi woman raped by 7 youths and then arrested and sentenced to flogging for inappopriate behaviour:
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia—A Saudi court will review the case of a teenage gang rape victim sentenced to jail and flogging after she was convicted of violating the country’s strict sex segregation laws, the foreign minister said Tuesday.

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I love that podcast!  I’ve been listening to it for I don’t know how long now.  Many months now.  Some of the insanity makes you laugh, others make you angry, and still others are very upsetting.  I highly recommend the podcasts too.


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