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1) Where can one find a comprehensive definition of a CFI Forum?
2) What constitutes a “Title” as above.
3) Who can tap into this Forum?
4) How are the comments grouped such that a Community can contain its posts within a given Community?
5) Should a Community design its own blog on its web site or use the CFI Forum?
6) Where is the glossary of terms?
7) Is there a tutorial? What resources are available for Community to learn about the CFI Forum?

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Check HERE to start with. You posted very similar questions about a year ago.

(I should add that I have no idea why it’s not displaying the quotes correctly. The code looks OK, but it went through our switchover between software platforms and probably something got screwed up. I tried to fix it without luck).

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Is this all that CFI SAZ has done in here for two years? We seem to be getting more active here in Tucson. But you know what? Phoenix has a 583 person member base, and I’ll bet some of them even include their pets. They sure could use a CFI. I too am getting more active and will be in contact with Jerry Karches regarding presentations.

I have been sitting here thinking for about fifteen minutes.

We have some serious work to do as empathetically as possible. There is more to unfold, and we are the ones who will do both the unfolding and the interpretation of what we are discovering throughout this cognitive social evolutionary revolution. Where is the allure? Perhaps it is in a movement like mine, and I could use some help on all fronts. I will need it from somewhere. I am beginning with those who need what I have done most. That 90% who have never been privy to know, and the thoughts that seap into that other 10% (in the US) that reside in a lethargic inactive limbo on matters. Very few have heard of CFI and you are freakin awesome! I should have know about CFI by my senior year in high school back in ‘92. Oh no. Not until 2007. I am freakin 32! I find it young.

Anyway. The people need the whole kit and kaboodle. The joy. The warmth. The community. Education. Art and personal expressive abilities to realize potential. Awareness of the planet, the people on it, and the Universe in which we all find ourselves. We mustn’t forget the demise of so many unecessary isms, like racism, sexism, etc. These of course are aspects of belief systems and belief systems in and of themselves. The future looks like a mix between Paul Kurtz, Point of Inquiry, Camp Inquiry, the occasional loving rock show, and Barrack Obamica economica. We could all use some support right about now. We just keep working.

Aaagh. Don’t mind me. I have been out on the streets all day and now it’s 3:00am. I remind myself. People are losing sleep in devising their ill intentions, which is naturally easy. I find it naturally easy to lose sleep for efforts that obviously move humanity toward unity, peace, harmony, logic, reason, and rationality in existence on Earth with 6.7 other people.

Create this network. Establish a legacy. And reach from Tucson.


Matthew 10:10 It’s about you. It’s about Us. And it’s about time!