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Evidence-based activism for brights: Wish lists
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Chris Crawford - 19 December 2008 09:18 AM

Adam, I think you’re starting off with an incorrect assumption: that secularists are in fact losing the culture war to theists. I think that we are in fact winning that war. The theists certainly think so. Consider the changes that have been made in the last 50 years:

1. School prayer
2. Holiday creches
3. Religious imagery in public places
4. Abortion
5. Gay rights
6. Advertising has become more intelligent (you wouldn’t believe how stupid it was in the 1950s!)
7. Christmas has become more secularized.
8. Civil rights
9. Feminism

There have been a few areas of retrograde motion:

I believe that religious activity is on the upswing (but I don’t know if that’s a long-term trend or a short-term blip)
The teaching of evolution has come under some pressure—mostly ineffectual
Politicians are more ostentatiously religious (although this does not seem to change their behavior)

Your point is well taken, Chris. People do not feel the need to defend something—in this case, their religion’s privileges
and prerogatives—with the sort of venomous energy we’ve seen in recent years unless they sense that it is under
attack and in danger. If they truly believed that they had nothing to worry about from the forces of secularism, they
wouldn’t feel the need to defend religion as fanatically as they do. You don’t see people running around defending
the theory of gravity, or the theory of blood circulation. Those things are established and safe. Religion? Maybe not
so safe.  Which explains why they act the way they do.



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PsyStat - 22 December 2008 10:27 PM
PLaClair - 20 December 2008 04:24 AM

My Grand Plan begins from within. We need a more systematic approach to what we are about. I posted a topic to explore this many months ago, but like all topics here so far it fizzled after a healthy run by this site’s standards.

Paul, can you direct me to this topic?  Thanks.

I don’t even remember where it is, but if you’re interested and can get ten or so people to participate, I’d be willing to take another run at it. It works best if you participate as the details unfold from within the model.


I cannot in good conscience support CFI under the current leadership. I am here in dissent and in support of a Humanism that honors and respects everyone.

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Any help I can give is available.

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