Michael Newdow Needs Our Help!
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On December 29, 2008, Constitutional activist Mike Newdow, along with the American Humanist Association and 39 other individuals and organizations, filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, challenging two monotheistic religious practices planned for Barack Obama’s inauguration.

The first concerns the presidential oath of office, which is prescribed in the Constitution’s Article II. With no authorization whatsoever, Chief Justices have taken to adding the purely religious phrase, “so help me God” when administering that oath. This practice is being challenged.

Additionally, since 1937, chaplains have been brought in to the inaugural ceremony to give prayers to Jesus and to God. Because such prayers are prohibited under the Establishment Clause, this, too, is being challenged.

Mike Newdow, M.D.
Go to this link for easy to follow instructions to join the suit with your declaration.