The Attraction of Violence
Posted: 27 February 2009 09:55 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Where violence is concerned, it seems that we have a few choices:

1.  Embrace violence as endemic to the human condition.
2.  Accept that violence is a choice which can be justified sometimes when analysed.
3.  Accept that violence is accebtable in speficic instances such as self-defense.
4.  Reject violence altogether.
5.  Reject the specific overapplication of violence such as the use of “torture”
6.  Reject war altogether.
7.  Accept “just” wars.
8.  Accept violence as part of the human “struggle” for the supremecy of right over wrong.
9.  Accept violence as an enjoyable part of the sport of living life to the full.

Looking at U.S. wars now:

1.  Reject war altogether and for whatever reason.  This includes the rejection
  of the choice of war, the rejection of those who choose to fight the war(s),
  and the American people who support war in any form and/or those who
  fight the war(s) (including the troops).
2.  Accept war for the “good” of the nation, and agree to what my country does:
  my country right or wrong.
3.  Accept limited, planned wars which are timie and object limited based on
  American needs.
4.  Reject war as something selected by politicians because of their inability to
  use diplomacy, but support our troops who are courageous and fight for
  our country - a necessary process.
5.  Reject war as barbaric and as no longer a part of the civilized approach to
  living and development that America and Americans seek.
6.  Reject war as barbaric, but as something that is sometime necessary because
  of the savagery of the other chap.