Penn State atheist-agnostic group’s office use challenged
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Pasquerilla presence questioned: Faith-based Atheist/Agnostic Association uses religious space

By Natalie Plumb Email
Collegian Staff Writer

Penn State’s Atheist/Agnostic Association (PSAAA) was given a room in the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center, last fall. Since then, many have questioned its placement.

Many religious student groups . . . though supportive of PSAAA as an existing organization, are a bit uneasy about the PSAAA’s presence in Pasquerilla. Some think PSAAA’s office would be better suited in a non-faith-based building, such as the Paul Robeson Cultural Center’s Heritage Hall.

PSAAA President Dan Farbowitz said the group’s presence in Pasquerilla is more relevant than many would think, saying PSAAA is listed as a faith-based group on campus.

“It’s good for us to have a room so that students of other faiths, or of no faith, can stop by and have a dialogue with us,” Farbowitz (senior-physics, math and philosophy) said.