Seeking advice on forming a chapter.
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My name is Dave Straayer.  I’m a second-generation secular humanist and longtime subscriber to Free Inquiry and related journals. 

I teach Math and programming classes at Tacoma Community College. 

I’ve wanted to start and sponsor a campus chapter of something like the Campus Freethought Alliance for a long time.  My friends urged me to wait until I received tenure, and now I have. 

A couple of days ago, I had a very fruitful meeting with the Dean of Student Affairs here at TCC, and he was very supportive of my organizing a club/chapter here.  A couple of students with whom I’ve shared my intent have been supportive and interested in joining.  This project is in motion and will happen.

The time for organizing new clubs is in September, at the beginning of our regular school year.  I intend to put up posters around campus, and have a table at the “meet the clubs” fair that happens early in the school year.  I’d love to receive copies of similar posters any one else has used for this purpose.
Any suggestions?