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TCC held its annual “Club Fair” today.  I manned a table for a proposed new club at TCC which I hope to affiliate with CGI On Campus.

We succeeded in signing up enough students to formally form a club at TCC.  Our first outing will be to the Dawkins lecture in Portland this Saturday.  I’ve already got 4 tickets committed for TCC club members (plus two for myself and my sweetie).  I am going to either get a TCC van or rent a van for the outing.  Portland is about 140 miles away from Tacoma – If I had known of the Dawkins lecture in Seattle I might have opted for that, but the timing is just a bit better for Portland. 

We will be meeting shortly and completing the paperwork for club sanctioning at TCC.  We’ll also investigate affiliation with CFI. 

As a part of thrashing around for a name, we came on an idea.  While the “Brights” idea had a certain amount of appeal, its negative connotations seem to be keeping it a non-starter.  We came upon the idea: “Muggles”.

I don’t know if we will adopt it, but I’m proposing “Muggles” as “Brights 2.0”.

•  It is much less confrontational than “Brights”.  It doesn’t imply that anybody else is “Dull”.

•  It is a tad humorously self-deprecatory.

•  It lets us refer to ourselves as “Proudly Non-Magical!”

•  It contrasts to the “dull” image, indicating an appreciation for fantasy, whilst letting us emphasize the importance of separating fantasy from reality.

Dave Straayer
Faculty Advisor
Nascent Tacoma Community College “Muggles Club”

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Fantastic!  I recommend affiliation with CFI—you have nothing to lose, and lots to gain.  We send group packets to each new affiliate with complimentary issues of Free Inquiry and Skeptical Inquirer magazines, stickers, brochures, etc.  And when we organize speaking tours and regional events, local branches and campus affiliates reap those benefits.

All you have to do is fill out the form at

Let me know if you have any questions.  Looking forward to working with your group!

Debbie Goddard
Campus Organizer