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Alan—thanks for helping me get on this site!

I was having trouble registering because my e-mail system block the messages from Point of Inquiry and Alan was kind enough to bypass the system for me.

I’m a 60-year-old psychologist and have been very greatly enjoying the shows.  They seem to me to be the best of a variety of thoughts, including those offered by several other superb podcast sites (such as Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Brain Science Podcast, etc.)

I’m a member of the Oregonians for Rationality group here in Oregon but have not done too much with them recently.  I have subscribed to Skeptical Inquirer for 30+ years and really enjoy that magazine.(And one skeptics conference up in Seattle, my daughter took a picture of James Randi.  Randi was then sitting at a table with Carl Sagan and Sagan and Randi laughed because my daughter wanted to take a picture of Randi and not Sagan.)

I used to be militantly atheistic but I’m no longer too militant about it.  I’m still atheistic, however, as well as deterministic, etc.

I certainly like the approach of the logical positivists who have said that there are only two kinds of statements that make sense—those that are tautological (if a equals B. and B. equals C. then A equals C.)and those that offer a testable statement (this apple weighs 8 ounces, give or take 10%).  Too many questions and statements have presuppositions embedded in them that make them impossible to answer. “How many angels are on the head of a pin?”  presupposes there are angels on the head of a pin.  “What is the meaning of life?”  resupposes that there is indeed one meaning of life.  Etc., etc.

Again, I really appreciate Alan getting me on this site and also I very much appreciate the podcasts.



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Welcome to the CFI Forum, Caleb. I wonder what the problem was with your local ISP, how strange. Anyhow, glad you finally made it. Please feel free to dive right in and join the conversations.




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