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I placed a post on the thread where a Christian asks for an “intelligent discussion about Christianity”.  It took me well over an hour to write and ended with a ten-book list for Johnny, the Christian.  I wasn’t nice in the post but what should be expected, as was made clear by George in his post at the beginning of then thread.

Occam went to my post and deleted it saying it was a copy of #117 on the Minaret thread - since there are only 86 posts on this thread his claim is bunk.  He may not like what I say but he does not have the right to remove it - I want it back.  When the administrators start deleting our posts because they don’t like them this is censorship and we need to come together about it.

Comments, please.  This is not the first time that Occam has pulled ran k on me without a sound argument based on the regulations. Anyone else having trouble?

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Occam meant that it was a copy of your post #117 in The Bible as Myth and History thread, as both asanta and fotobits noticed in responding to your claims of censorship and the subversion of free speech.

Ecrasez, more is the point: you have been warned many times, as recently as HERE (#106) and (#113) against incivility and what amounts to trolling. This is in violation of several of the forum’s longstanding rules.

Last night you managed HERE to call one longstanding member a “lazy bastard”, as well as to describe “the continuous dribble of self-opinionated rubbish that spills into this blog”, and HERE (#116) ask another long time member, “how old are you?  Why can’t you speak English?”

Further, in the post that Occam apparently deleted (which, again, one can find HERE (#117)) you respond to a polite, thoughtful intro post from a Christian member in THIS thread (post #6) by saying, among other things, “... your title is contradictory, your initial comments are drivel, and your expectations are from misinformation; so stick to your Christian ilk - a group of untruthful, ignorant, uneducated and stupid people.”

This is a forum for reasoned debate, not for denigration and repeated incivility and nastiness towards other members.

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