e-mail notification on edited posts?
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I receive e-mail notices from CFI when someone posts to a subject where I have posted. So I assume other members do.
My question is: Does one receive a notification e-mail when a post has been edited and updated, in addition to the original post.
I have a bad habit of rushing to post my thoughts, often without previewing. Then later when I read the post I start editing. I hate to think of someone else receiving an e mail every time I edit and update my posts. :red:  and if that is the case, I shall make it a point of editing and refining before I post. On second thought that would be a good thing in any case.  :)


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No, nobody receives emails when you edit your post. You don’t need to receive emails either; it only depends whether or not you click the appropriate box below your message, or in your Control Panel above.

That said, generally we prefer that you not edit your post too long after it has been posted or referenced by someone else. If one does so, it becomes more difficult to follow the discussion, since other people may end up appearing to respond to a post that no longer exists in its original form.

(I am going to move this thread to another folder, however, and you should receive an email when that happens).



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