A Decade of Campus Freethought Activism
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Thank you for putting Derek’s speech online in some form, DJ, Thomas, and anyone else involved. I have a single request. Do we have permission to put this in CD form and freely distribute? I’m hoping I can get a CFI On Campus table/booth set up during the first week of classes here at UNL and this would make a wonderful handout item.

Thanks again to everyone for everything you do,


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Hello from Los Angeles (for the weekend). Of course, distribute Derek’s inspiring talk widely (on CD and otherwise—let people know about http://www.pointofinquiry.org !).

We have gotten some fantastic feedback from Derek’s talk on POI already.

Please do distribute the full speech on CD, or the full episode (it details how people can get involved with CFI, etc.), as opposed to distributing shortened edits. Enjoy!


"Few have the courage of their convictions.  Fewer still, for an attack on their convictions."—Nietzsche

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For those without an internet connection, we will probably be making his speech available on CD ourselves. Check CFI’s free educational and promotional materials that we make available to students (http://www.campusinquirer.org) in the weeks/months ahead for when it is available. Thomas


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